x264 video encoding tools
Easier x264 interaction with 32bit and 64bit processes
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x264.py is designed to make it easier to pipe input from ffmpeg into x264. This is typically useful if the input must be processed in a 32bit process, but the output should be encoded using a 64bit application. (see: AviSynth)

x264.py cuts out the work of detecting the resolution, colorspace, frame rate, and frame count of the input video, along with the setup of the piped commands. Typically, it's as easy as replacing the x264 part of the command line with x264.py.

Required software


Script arguments

The following describes some of the flags that can be used where <script-arguments> appears in the next section. Additional info about these and other flags can be found by executing x264.py --usage.


Examples following will use this command as the base command to be modified:

x264 --crf 18 --preset veryslow --output video.mkv input.avs
Note that it is important that the input file (input.avs) appears as the last argument in each example!